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The way we’ll use office spaces in the future is changing. The way we’ll work in the future is changing. AIR is the answer to those changes. Space, flexibility, functionality, dynamics, health and innovation … all coming together in a location you could only dream of. Until now.


An abundance of natural light. Enveloped in a sea of space. In a part of the city where everything you could want is, literally, just around the corner. In a building designed to be sustainable and adaptable. Thanks to innovative application of the latest (climate) technology, AIR is a place where you can work and take refreshing breaks in a healthy environment where you always feel good.

AIR is a multifunctional building where the future already feels at home. It is connected to the city outside via a plinth which offers space for the lively hustle and bustle of modern retail outlets and attractive food concepts. The spacious entrance on Beursplein directly connects to the central atrium on the 1st floor. As AIR’s epicenter, this atrium is a space for meeting, finding inspiration and working together. It’s surrounded with access to a protected world of extremely spacious areas. Meanwhile, up on the roof, the luxury of relaxing in an exclusive skyline pavilion with a terrace and view over the city awaits.


In times of change, it’s good to have some certainties. Including the reassurance you’ll be able to go to work in a healthy and sustainably responsible environment. AIR facilitates this through features such as having plenty of space so people can maintain an acceptable distance from each other. Access to the building, and also inside it, works via a modern entry system with minimal direct contact. A conscious decision was also taken to install a number of spacious lifts and stairwells. While high-end climate control and air filtration systems ensure continuous and efficient air renewal throughout the building.

In the design, aspects such as safe data traffic, sustainability and well-being have been given priority. To make this level of ambition tangible, we work according to the WELL, WiredScore and BREEAM methodologies. The WELL methodology is used to put the well-being and health of the building’s users at the centre of attention. This means that various components have been included in the design. These aspects include a high degree of air exchange, but also exercise and mental health. WiredScore provides an insight into the high and future-proof level of facilities for safe and fast digital (data) traffic and communication.

BREEAM is the hallmark for assessing the sustainability performance of buildings. In this methodology, real estate is assessed on nine different aspects: management, health, energy, transport, water, materials, waste, land use and ecology and pollution. During the design phase, these ambition levels are determined and, upon completion, checked whether these ambitions have been achieved.

For the management component, BREEAM requires that the ambition levels be made public by means of a case study. This case study indicates which measures have been taken during the design phase. View the sustainability case study for BREEAM here.

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AIR welcomes you to the heart of the city. With all the benefits that brings. Such as an enormous choice of shops, restaurants, cafes and lunchrooms. All just around the corner. The central location is also easily accessible. As cycling is definitely a good idea, AIR will have a large covered area where everyone can safely leave their bikes.

With Beursplein metro station just a minute away, the rest of the city is within fast and easy reach. And a 4-minute walk will get you to Blaak train station, with its intercity links to the rest of the Netherlands. There’s also a car park with spaces for 80 vehicles, along with a large number of other car parks and parking garages in the local vicinity.


AIR offers space. An exceptional amount of it. Which is unique for this part of Rotterdam. This comes from the way the atrium is integrated into the design, effectively as a building within a building. This has two advantages. The first being the atrium’s tall height, glass roof and large glass facades which allow an enormous amount of daylight to penetrate every floor. The second being the huge amount of available space.

A total of approximately 23,300 m² of futureproof office space, divided over five floors, is being created. Varying in size between approximately 4,200 and 5,200 m², each of these floors offers its users maximum flexibility for creating their ideal layout. This flexibility, together with the 3-meter-high ceilings, is unique for the city center. It’s a delightful legacy from the department store which used to occupy this location.

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