Rotterdam and shopping; a winning combination for retailers and consumers.

In the middle of that shopper’s paradise, on the corner of Beursplein and the Hoogstraat, you will find AIR.

The bustling heart of Rotterdam is popular with both locals and visitors and the Koopgoot starts right on the doorstep.

No wonder that the first retail spaces are already taken; Jumbo is opening a large supermarket in the basement and C&A will open a flagship store on street level. High quality food concepts and smaller tenants are welcome in the other spaces.


“Rotterdam is the second largest shopping city in The Netherlands”


After World War II, the center of Rotterdam was left damaged and deserted. Retailers were reluctant to set up shop, until in 1950, this all changed with the opening of the V&D department store. Construction of this large and impressively modern building of white brick signaled the beginning of the renaissance of Rotterdam’s shopping district.

”The post-war reconstruction of Rotterdam’s city center”

Designed by the Kraaijvanger brothers, who were inspired by department stores in the United States, they added their own unique design feature; open ceilings with an overhanging framework that became internationally known as “The Rotterdam Ceiling”.

After V&D went bankrupt in 2015, the now outdated building was bought by Hudson’s Bay and underwent a metamorphosis. Following some major renovations, it became a modern, progressive retail building.

However, in early 2020 Hudson’s Bay closed up shop in the Netherlands. In 2021, Cairn Real Estate, NEOO and Angelo Gordon joined forces to give the building a new direction: AIR Offices.