Partnering with Eneco

When AIR’s doors open, the building will be a lively space with thousands of shoppers, visitors and tenants coming in and out every day.

In line with our sustainability ambitions, we wanted our heating and cooling system to be environmentally friendly and innovative. Above all, we want AIR’s to feel comfortable at all times, no matter the weather outside.

That’s where Eneco comes in, who have developed a unique Heat & Cold Storage system for the building supplemented with industrial residual heat. From 2023 Eneco will supply fully sustainable heat and cooling to the users of AIR.

This innovation helped us obtain the design certificate BREEAM-Excellent for AIR and increasingly makes our high ambitions a reality; to be the healthiest, most sustainable and innovative workplace in Rotterdam. In addition to BREEAM-Excellent, we are also working towards WELL-Gold and Wired Score-Gold certification.

We are looking forward to this collaboration and can’t wait to feel the warm (and cool) ‘AIR’ once the system when it is up and running!